It is hard to keep the house spotless especially if you are going to think about the possible maintenance that you have to do there and for some people it is going to be a time-consuming activity as they need to pay more attention to this before they could get a good result. You need to wash the dishes in the kitchen and make sure that they would be clean and dry before putting them to the cupboard and try to check the countertop if they are free from any kind of dust and dirt before using it for slicing your food or preparing the ingredients for the food that you are going to cook. Another good thing is the window washing so that you could inhale fresher air every time that you will wake up in the morning and you would open the windows of your bedroom and it is not limited to the bedroom of yours only but you need to clean as well the different windows in the living room and kitchen to get rid of the dust. You need to have a specific schedule and time to make them possible especially if you are very busy with your work or you have a lot of things to do during the whole time and you are full occupied to insert some house activities and work from your schedule or daily routine.  


Most people would claim that they have to do a lot of things once they step into the kitchen as they need to make sure that the plates and utensils that they are going to use should be clean and free from any food debris or else it would have some molds and it is not healthy for the people and especially to the kids to use them. Some people would have the best and modern ways of washing the dishes by using the dishwasher but you need to know that it doesn’t totally clean the tableware as there are some stains that they could not remove. You have some appliances as well in the kitchen and you have to make sure that you will clean them from time to time to avoid damaging them and won’t work when you need them to use for cooking or for cleaning the stuff in the dining area.  

Living room could be the busiest part of the house as most of the people would love to stay here and they could bring their guests or visitors here and some would watch TV while waiting for someone to come or just to take a rest. Because of that, most of the dirt would go here because this is the first place that you would step once you get inside of the house and if you don’t have the strict rule when it comes to the shoes and the slippers that you need to use inside the house. Don’t forget the bathroom as well as you need to sanitize this room to ensure that the bacterial would be killed.